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Soft / Disposable Contact Lenses





For people of all ages looking for excellent distance vision.  Spherical lenses are for those without astigmatism.  Toric lenses are used to correct your vision if the curvature of your eye is not perfectly round, such as with an astigmatim.

Spherical or 
Toric (for

Image by Jonas Jacobsson




These types of lenses may be used for those who would like freedom from reading glasses, whether they have a distance prescription or not.  Mono-vision utilizes one eye for distance and the other for near.  Multifocal lenses act like bifocals, providing extra correction for near while maintaining your distance focus.

Monovision or Multifocal

Image by Harry Quan



Custom soft contact lenses may be used for a variety of reasons when traditional soft lenses do not work.  This includes those with very high prescriptions, irregularly shaped corneas, or for those who wish for cosmetic changes.  These lenses are customized to your particular needs and can correct many types of prescriptions. 

Custom Soft Contacts

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